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Carmit Zori, Artistic Director

Carmit Zori,
Artistic Director

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The Brooklyn Chamber Music Society presents its performances in a small, intimate space which guarantees every audience member a seat up close. Ticket sales alone cannot cover costs. BCMS relies on the generous support of its audiences. Please join those who make this series a reality by sending a check to:

49 Cheever Place
Brooklyn, NY 11231

The Brooklyn Chamber Music Society is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization. Your contribution is fully tax-deductible.

The Brooklyn Chamber Music Society gratefully acknowledges the following contributors:

Benefactors ($5,000 or more)
Corcoran Cares
Benjamin Crane
The Alex J. Ettl Foundation
The Florence Gould Foundation
Judith E. Hazen
The Henry and Lucy Moses Fund
Richard C. Yancey

Sponsors ($1,000-$4,999)
Robert Buckholz & Lizanne Fontaine
Gwendolyn and Thomas Chittenden
Glenda & Irwin Fenichel
Tom Green
Naomi Gardner & Dean Johnson
Nancy Havens-Hasty & Dozier Hasty
Phyllis S. Hyde
Jennifer Marshall & Andrew Mockler
Bill & Peggy Pennell
Holley Atkinson & Stephen W. Plumlee
Carroll & Ted Reid
Narcissa H. & John Titman

Patrons ($500-$999)
Sara Brown & Thomas Perkins
Joanna Dean
Marcia & Jesse Fardella
Don Garber
Paula Ingram & Robert Hebron
K D Mann Jr.
Joseph McDonald
The Moore Family
Stephen Stamas
     (in memory of Elaine Stamas)
Elizabeth M. & Robert Rodgers Jr.
Elizabeth Wheeler
Melinda & Fred Whittum
John Young

Donors (To $499)
Claire Angelica
Katherine & Gary Bartholomaus
Ruth Berman
Therese Bernbach
Robert Bero & Kathleen Ivans
Eileen Bohn
Helen Cleary Brennan
Sally Brody
Louanna Carlin
Elsie P. & W.H. Carter
Cordelia Clement
Charles Edward Cole
Anne & John Dockery
Martha Eckfeldt
Grace Faison
Sara R. & Seth Faison
David Geber & Julia Lichten
Mary Cox Golden
Lorna & David Goodrich
Linda & David Greenbaum
Mary Hilles
Alan Kay
Carol Kelly
Mr. & Mrs. Frederick Kneip
Allison Melick & Duncan Krause
Dawn Leigh
Lois Levine
Janine & Peter Lindquist
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Louzonis
Allison McClure
Marcia W. McHam
Jane Meyers
Barbara & Richard Moore
Leslie & Jerrold Mulder
Keith O'Brien & Chip Allen
Julia Pane
Sana Reynolds
Vivien & Michael Shelanski
Vickie Sufian & Robert Ruderman
     (in memory of Diane Kalish)
Lee & Peter Sternlight
Maureen & Thomas Stewart
Ruth Sumners Trampler
Nancy Welles
Laurel H. & Joseph P. Whitaker
Agnes & Randy White
Nancy Wolf